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Website Blockers – Parental Control Software

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Website Blockers – Parental Control Software

Web browsers today simplified elimination of access to certain websites.  However, to make sure children can’t access adult content on the family PC, parental control software was invented so elders can control what content their younger family members can see. Here is a list of most widely used parental control software for 2015, which are completely free of charge.


K9 Web Protection

uninstall K9 Web Protection

This is a small application that runs from inside the browser. First time you start it up, you have to set up a new license. Once you’ve done that, all you have to do is set up the filters you desire. You can block the content by category, which can go from monitoring, where the traffic is logged and no content is forbidden, to high, which protects all categories, unrated sites, and interaction.  Aside from the main category restrictions, you can also set up a curfew for using the internet on the PC. This way internet usage is restricted to specific time of day. Another great feature is blocking specific words which automatically ban access to sites that contain selected word. There is a default setting of safe searching with K9’s Safe Search, but it can be turned off on the setup page, and you can decide on your own safe search. This protection application performs extremely well, blocking access to various adult sites, gambling services, and other unwanted content, even if the link to get to them is on other sites. The fact that it’s free of charge makes it even better.


Spyrix Free Keylogger

41ynQQWYVpL._SY445_This application has a somewhat limited number of features, which some might find irritable, but none the less it is a good website blocker. It gives the highest level of key logging than any other application today. Categories are created by monitoring the data collected, and it includes entries, screenshots and snapshots, audio and video recordings, history of webpage visits, and search queries. Hiding the program is not so easy, and to completely hide it you would have to pay for an upgraded version. Blocking sites and social networks is also available, but only for paid versions. Most parents will choose to combine this program with others, upgrade it, or delete it and choose something else.


Windows Live Family Safety


To use this program, you must have a Windows Live account, and once you’ve made it, set it as a ‘parent’, that can monitor other members that use the PC. It is required that each member has its own user account on the PC. If this is not the case already, it might take some time to make them, compared to other alternatives. Monitoring is done through a section of Microsoft’s website, and it offers a lot of options, such as restrictions on games and web filtering, time limits, app restrictions, and more.  It works great, although with some browsers it may show the blocked site for a split second. This is a great choice for those who want a true blocker and not just a monitor.


If you are looking for a blocker, or just a monitoring program, or a combination of the two, one of these will probably suit your needs.

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